If you are interested in learning more about the border or the issues that surround the deaths, we encourage you to look at this suggested reading list compiled by members of the Migrant Trail Organizing Committee.  We invite you to consider doing some reading ahead of time, or bringing one or two of the books with you on the Walk.

Migrant Trail: Recommended Reading

Photo Essays about the Migrant Trail:


Regan, Margaret. The Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories from the Arizona Borderlands.

Miller, Todd. Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security.

Urrea, Luis A. The Devil’s Highway: A True Story.  

           ——-.  Into the beautiful North

Dunn, Timothy J. The Militarization of the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1978-1992: Low-intensity Conflict Doctrine Comes Home. 1997.

Nazario, Sonia.     Enrique’s Journey                                                     

Conover, Ted .   Coyote                                                                                              

Crow, John.  Epic of South and Central America              

Quioñes, Sam. Antonio’s Gun And Delfino’s Dream: True Tales of Mexican Migration.

Danelo, David . The Border                                                      

Saunders, Doug . The Arrival City The Final Migration    

Vaillant, John  The Jaguar’s Children.    

Gaynor, Tim. Midnight on the Line: The Secret Life of the U.S.-Mexico Border.   

Ramos, Jorge.  Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History.

Saenz, Benjamin. The Book of What Remains.

Boyle, T.C. Tortilla Curtain

Myers, Chad and Matthew Colwell. Our God is the Undocumented: Biblical Faith and Immigrant Justice.

Carole, Daniel . Christians at the Border  

Laufer, Peter. Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Thorpe, Helen Just Like US    

Nevins, Joseph. Operation Gatekeeper and Beyond: The War on “illegals” and the Remaking of the Us-Mexico Boundary. 2010.

Golash-Boza, Tanya M. Immigrant Nation: Raids, Detentions and Deportations in Post 9/11 America.  2012.            

Films (documentaries):

    • Mathew, Joseph, Dan DeVivo, Laurie MacMillan, and Byrd Baylor. Crossing Arizona., 2008.
    • Silver, Marc. Quién Es Dayani Cristal? 2014.
    • Dirdamal, Tin.  De nadie. Amigo Films, 2007.
    • Cortes, Alberto. El corazón del tiempo. 2009.
    • Funari, Vicky and Sergio de la Torre. Maquilopolis: City of Factories.
    • Argueta, Luis. Abused: The Postville Raid.  
    • Cammisa, Rebecca.  Which Way Home.
    • Byler and Park. 9500 Liberty


  • Harvest of Empire


  • Escuela (2002)


Films: Dramas, Comedies


  • The Border (1982)
  • Born in East LA
  • A day without a Mexican
  • Children of Men


    • Welcome to Shelbyville (Drama/Documentary)


  • Bread and Roses
  • Sleep Deeper
  • De Nadie
  • Sin dejar huella
  • Jaula de Oro (heavy)
  • Caracol
  • Bajo The Misma Luna “under the same moon”
  • Sin Nombre
  • El Norte
  • Papers


For Historical background

  • Empire of the Summer Moon – re: the Commanches and their 200 year dominion over much of what is now the US Southwest and northern Mexico
  • The Apache Wars – Paul Andrew Hutton- Apache history 101 to 599, with related US military and boarding school, Tucson and Tohono Od’ham history in there as well
  • Blood and Thunder – by Hampton Sides — the definitive Kit Carson biography, with all the good the bad and the ugly laid out

For Further Reading:

Karaim, Reed. “Border Security: Is the Buildup in Border Protection Effective?” CQ Researcher, 2013.  (article/report)

Sheldon, Hailey Anne.  “Operation Streamline: The Border Patrol Prosecution Initiative.” The Public Purpose, vol. xi, 2013. Pp. 89-114.