Preparing for the Walk

Preparation for the Walk

Staying well hydrated is the most important way to avoid blistering. You should begin preparing for the Migrant Trail immediately by drinking enough water each day. If you are not from the southwest, you may take a few days to get acclimated, may experience headaches or dry nose and skin, or feel overheated. The more hydrated you are, the better off you will be for beginning a 75-mile journey in the Arizona desert.

Please check with your Doctor if you have any health conditions or are on any medications that would adversely affect your walking in extreme heat. Be completely honest on the Medical Information Form, as this is information that organizers need to keep everyone safe.

Do as much walking as you can to be as fit as possible. The more prepared you are, the better off you will be to walk 12-16 miles each day.

Some tips
• Wear good fitting shoes
• Keep sand out of the shoes and socks
• Trim and file toenails to reduce black toenail trauma and calluses
• Make sure you have good shoes that are not worn out inside or with worn out flat insoles

Trail running or good walking/running sneakers with good breath ability are helpful.

Buying shoes: If you are going to be buying new shoes to walk the Migrant Trail, we encourage that you do so at least three weeks prior to the walk, and take the time to break them in. Wear them a few times per week to make sure they begin to conform to your feet.

Seamless socks help avoid blisters. Do not use cotton socks. Also changing socks frequently, airing out your feet, and using powder will help keep them dry.

Investigate the new socks found in your running and camping stores. Many of these socks offer moisture wicking benefits, double layers to reduce friction, or special yarns to reduce heat buildup. The right socks are a major factor in preventing blisters.*

We will provide first aid supplies to help treat and prevent blistering.

Our Health Team will assist with attending to “hot spots” to help avoid blistering.

* Tip from Chris: I have had excellent success with “Dr. Comfort” socks made of Bamboo Charcoal fibers. I haven’t had a blister on the two years I have done the Migrant Walk.