Team Descriptions

Each participant on the Migrant Trail is required to be on a team.  Participants choose their teams based on their interest, skills, or energy.  We invite you to read the notes from each team (on the drop-down menu of this page), which will give you a basic understanding of team functions, responsibilities, and needs.

Team Overview:

Environmental Team: The Environmental Team is responsible for assisting the group to safely and responsibly dispose of the waste produced on the Walk.  This requires a strong nose and the ability to help dig holes in the desert earth.

Food Team: The Food Team is responsible for setting out the snacks that are needed during the Walk, organizing the food supplied in the Food Trailer, and coordinating with allies who bring meals to the walkers during the Migrant Trail.

Logistics Team: The Logistics Team is responsible for loading and unloading our gear trailer each day, as well as setting up the shade at our campsite and rest stops.  This requires the ability to lift and heft participant backpacks and duffels, and additionally carrying and securing 30 pound EZ-UP canopies.

Medical Team: The Medical Team is responsible for helping to tend to the various blisters, hot spots, bruises and bumps that walkers encounter along the way.  Team members are trained to dress basic injuries, and carry medical kits on the Walk in order to be available as quickly as possible should the need arise.

Security Team: The Security Team is responsible for assisting walkers to stay as safe as possible while traversing through the Sonora Desert and along the Arizona highways.  Team members wear safety vests, and help the group safely cross roads, block traffic where necessary, and invite walkers to be mindful of their surroundings.