Note from the Environmental Team

Each participant on the Migrant Trail is required to be on a team.  Participants choose their teams based on their interest, skills, or energy.  The following is a note from the Environmental Team, giving a basic understanding of team functions, responsibilities, and needs.

Note from the Environmental Team

The Environmental Team will ensure that the Migrant Trail is respectful of the “Leave No Trace” model of coexisting in the desert environment. While on the Walk, participants will be utilizing compost toilets to heed nature’s call. Team members ensure that each campsite, water and full stops are left as we found them, and organizes recycling of generated waste.

At each water and full stop, and while camping on Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, the Environmental Team will designate selected sites for our “bathrooms” and clearly mark them with provided cones for Walk participants.  Additionally, the Environmental Team will identify volunteers to dig the necessary holes to ensure that our biological waste is properly covered.  At water and full stops, the Team will also ensure that the compost toilets are safely secured on the support vehicles.