Note from the Food Team

Each participant on the Migrant Trail is required to be on a team.  Participants choose their teams based on their interest, skills, or energy.  The following is a note from the Food Team, giving a basic understanding of team functions, responsibilities, and needs.

Note from the Food Team

The Food/Water Committee welcomes you to the Migrant Trail Walk! We have been working with local organizations, churches, restaurants, and stores to meet the food and water demands of Migrant Trail Walkers.

Please remember to bring your own eating utensils and non-disposable plate/bowl and a cup. You will be using this throughout the Walk, and will keep it with your gear in between meals.

All participants will help with food preparation, water stops, and full stops needs. This will be done on a rotation basis at various times during the Walk.

Though we have committed to providing a vegetarian option for each meal, we want to alert you to the fact that if you have demanding dietary restrictions (nut allergies, gluten free, vegan, etc.), we may not be able to provide sufficiently for you. Due to the fact that we are working primarily from donations and will be in remote locations with limited outside access, we may not be able to satisfy everyone’s individual needs.

In the case that you have a particularly demanding dietary restriction, think about packing nutritious, non-perishable food alternatives for yourself. However, for logistical purposes, we ask you to be space-conscious and to put any extra food items with your other belongings. No coolers, please.

The most important food on the Migrant Trail is WATER! Please be conscious that you are keeping hydrated, to replace the body fluids lost through respiration, sweating, and elimination. Consuming one gallon per day, including one quart per hour while walking, is considered minimum requirements in the dry heat of the desert. You will be filling your canteen from spigots at each stop — so narrow mouth containers do not work well for keeping the line moving and conserving this precious resource. Please bring one or more wide mouth canteens or water bottles, and use them freely to keep hydrated.