Alternative Migrant Trail 2022

We, members of the Migrant Trail Organizing Committee, continue to bear witness to the deaths of migrants in the desert continue, despite the global pandemic that is COVID-19. We are also seeing the terrifying risk of exposure that (im)migrant and asylum-seeking communities face and also in detention facilities in the face of the pandemic. While COVID numbers have continued to decrease, and in recognition of the vulnerability that many still face, we have opted to once again be virtual for the Migrant Trail.

This year, we have chosen to do a one-day border encuentro (gathering) experience, which will feature a multitude of voices to inform us about that continue plight of those seeking refuge, asylum, safety and compassion. We seek to re-engage past participants and connect with future participants in a format that we hope will continue to connect us and inspire action. We invite you to continue to bear witness with us as a community committed to justice.

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