Note from the Health Team

Each participant on the Migrant Trail is required to be on a team.  Participants choose their teams based on their interest, skills, or energy.  The following is a note from the Medical Team, giving a basic understanding of team functions, responsibilities, and needs.

Note from the Health Team

The Walk will be taking place during the period when southern Arizona experiences extreme heat. Daytime temperatures can reach 100 degrees easily and may climb over 110 degrees. No one is expected to push themselves to complete the walk. If you get tired or too hot, stop walking immediately and ride in a support vehicle. There have already been a record number of migrant deaths in Arizona this year and it has not even reached 100 degrees yet. Please come with the mindset that your top priority will be to take care of yourself so the group will not be burdened with emergency medical situations.

While we have done our best to inquire about health and fitness of participants, we rely mainly on self-reporting to inform us of health issues. We ask that only folks who have no medical problems that would complicate their ability to participate register for the entire walk. If you have a medical condition that might hinder your ability to participate, please contact us immediately and we will put you in touch with our medical support team doctor for further advice.

While we usually have experienced medical/health professionals on the walk with us, most of the time we will have only first aid care available to walkers. In the early stages of the walk, we will be one and a half hours from the nearest hospital.

Please remember to include a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen in your gear. Appropriate clothing, particularly in the area of shoes, is vital to taking care of both body and mind. Extra socks are advisable to prevent blisters, as well as a pair of sandals or flip flops to air out feet and for wearing around the camp (being careful of cactus) once we reach the campsite.

It is vital that participants pay close attention to staying hydrated—at least one gallon per day is advisable for each person. Be sure to bring a water bottle that can be filled from a spigot (wide mouth is recommended) and carried on your person—either in a backpack or with a shoulder strap, belt, etc. Make a point to keep it filled throughout the day.

If you are prone to severe allergic reaction from insect stings, food, etc., please carefully consider your participation in the Migrant Trail Walk. Emergency medical treatment will be delayed, particularly at the beginning of the Walk, when we will be in remote section of the wildlife refuge. You may wish to bring an epi-pen or other medication for self-administration; the Health Team will NOT be equipped to provide injections/antidotes for allergic reactions.

The Health Team will work daily to tend to participant blisters, pains, and injuries. Assessment of participant fitness will be made by the Health Team. All participants are expected to honor any decision made by the Health Team in regards to the fitness of participants or any other medical situation that may arise. Although it is helpful that members have some medical experience, this is not a requirement of being on the Health Team.

For each person’s safety, all medical forms will be reviewed by a medical professional. You may be contacted by a doctor or nurse regarding any concerns about your ability to do the Walk.