Alternative Migrant Trail 2020: Day 6

Friday, May 29, 2020:

Daily Reflection

Featured podcast: Border Trilogy Part  3: What Remains

Webinar Featured Speaker: Jessica Rodriguez, Southside Workers Center 

Talk title: “Living DACAmented”

Speaker bio: Jessica Rodriguez is a Tucson based organizer and activist. Currently she is the Lead Organizer for the Southside Worker Center. The Southside Worker Center supports a community of worker-leaders building collective power and raising the standards of worker conditions so that workers can take part in dignified work and earn just wages.

Throughout her work at the Southside Worker Center, Jessica has helped to recover thousands of dollars in wages for workers, stop criminalization, detention and deportations of families, defend the rights migrant workers, and develop migrant led worker-owned cooperatives.

For the Virtual Migrant Trail, Jessica shared her personal experience as a DACA recipient in Arizona.