Alternative Migrant Trail 2021: Overview of the Week

The following is a brief overview of the structure and format of Alternative Migrant Trail 2021- how the week is structured, and which parts of the day are done individually or in community.

All events of the Alternative Migrant Trail are optional. Some of the topics can be intense or emotionally heavy, so we invite participants to do what is best for their physical, mental and emotional health.

Morning Reflection

Each morning, participants will receive an email that includes a short video reflection, inviting them to start your day with intention, at whatever time makes sense for them.

We invite all participants to take the opportunity to go out and be in community with nature, in whatever way that is safe or makes sense for them.

Podcasts / Readings / Film

The daily morning email will also include a link suggested readings, podcasts or videos for the day. Participants can watch/read/listen to these at their own pace.

These are intended to complement and contextualize the evening program.

Panel Discussions (via Zoom)

This year, we will have panel presentations that will feature various guest speakers of diverse experiences and backgrounds. The panels will be followed by a Q&A discussion, providing an opportunity for participants to further their understanding of border issues.

The panel program will begin each evening at 5pm PDT/AZ, 6pm MDT, 7pm CDT, and 8pm EST. The presentations will be recorded and made available to any participant that is unable to watch it live.

Click here for the list of panel topics and panelists.

Team/Group Reflections

This year, participants who opt to participate will be assigned to a “team” that will have check-in sessions in breakout rooms. This will provide an opportunity to connect with fellow participants, debrief about readings and presentations, and check-in with each other.

The option to participate in team reflections will be indicated by participants when they register.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please contact us at: