COVID 19 Covenant

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world. It has affected how we interact, how we travel, and how we share space with each other. The Migrant Trail strives to be an experience of solidarity and inclusion, and as such, we take the health and safety of all participants very seriously. We did much discernment before deciding to return to an in-person Walk. These deep discussions resulted in the conditions under which we believe we can safely walk the Migrant Trail together. We have chosen to err on the side of extreme caution, and are committed to doing everything possible to remain safe and COVID-free as we share space together in the Sonoran Desert. 

The following guidelines and requirements will be observed before, during and after the Walk:

BEFORE the Migrant Trail:

  • Participants will submit proof of current COVID vaccinations & boosters
  • Participants will submit proof of a negative Covid test 3 days or less before Orientation on May 28th
  • Participants commit to safe social distancing and masking practices 10 days before traveling to Tucson. We strongly recommend masks that are KN94 or better.
  • Participants commit to wear a mask on all public transportation (flights, bus, and cab rides)
  • Participants will bring enough COVID 19 tests with them to test every day (8)

DURING the Migrant Trail

  • Participants will test when required
  • Windows will be down in the vehicles at all times unless the driver is by themself
  • While on the Walk, which is mostly outdoors and in the desert, participants may choose to remove their masks, but will be mindful of safe distancing
  • Should a participant have a positive COVID or COVID symptoms, they will be evacuated to a safe location in Tucson to rest and recover, with support from volunteers who will help meet any medical or logistical needs

AFTER the Migrant Trail

We request that participants inform us if they have a positive COVID test within 5 days of being on the Migrant Trail so we can inform all participants of a possible exposure